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What are the benefits of having a medical document ?
What are the benefits of having a medical document ?

Why should I get a document? How much medical cannabis can I carry?

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1- You have access to a product specialist that can help you select the right medicine for you. They can help you understand medical cannabis and the products you're using. You get a personalized and custom experience to help you purchase the proper medical cannabis products for your need.

2- With a prescription, cannabis is regarded as a medication that should be taken as needed. Patients who use cannabis for medical purposes are permitted to possess up to 150 grammes, or 30 times the daily amount set by their prescription, whichever is less. The maximum weight for recreational cannabis purchases and possession outside of your home is 30 grammes.

3- Travelers in Canada are allowed to carry therapeutic cannabis with a valid prescription wherever they go if they carry a copy of their medical document as proof.

4- Now that most medical insurance companies allow it, medical cannabis can be claimed in Canada. You should still check with your insurance to confirm if it's covered first.

5- Cannabis used for therapeutic purposes is tax deductible in Canada. Medical cannabis can be claimed as a medical expense by Health Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency.

6- The prescription and advice you receive from a doctor if they decide that cannabis may be an effective treatment option will be tailored to your needs and circumstances. This includes the ideal dosage, the most effective cannabis variety or strain, and the best method for consuming medical cannabis.

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